The Diplomatic Arena offers an array of High Quality Language Services and Great Opportunities designed with you in mind. For the Management of your International Conferences send us an e-mail on int.conferences@diplomaticarena.org and the success of your Conference is guaranteed. With your internet connection you can access your French Classes anywhere and at any time; using your laptop, smartphone, tablet, or any other mobile device. The Registration process is short and easy.
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                      Basic French Course
                                 3 months

               Intermediate French Course
                              3 months

                  Advanced French Course
                                3 months

              Combined Basic/Intermediate
                               6 months

          Combined Intermediate/Advanced
                                6 months

     Combined Basic/Intermediate/Advanced
                              9 months


Our best registered learners get a chance to make short study trips to French speaking countries. Such trips will offer them immense opportunities to practice the French language with native speakers...

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Diplomatic Arena effectively serves as a Meeting Point where potential international and local employers interface with prospective employees. We provide our students with unlimited access to job opportunities...

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My experience with Diplomatic Arena has been amazing. In less than 3 months I already started speaking the French Language with ease and relative fluency. I'm so excited. Merci beaucoup!
Donald Duck
August 20, 2017


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