Who We Are

The Diplomatic Arena is an offshoot of the Les Mascottes du Ciel Limited, which is an outfit set up to provide language services. It started its operations in 2007 and has provided translation and interpretation services to several international governmental and non-governmental Organizations and features prominently on the lists of key language service providers of United Nations’ Agencies, such as UNDP, FAO, UNODC, etc.

In the course of its operation the Management of the outfit has met Heads of State, Ministers, diplomats, international civil servants and business men and women many of whom lament bitterly about their inability to speak English or French.

The program is designed with the aim of bridging the language gap, which exists not only at the summit but also at the bottom of our social pyramid. In the globalized world deficiency in French or English in sometimes considered as a critical flaw. It has in fact made many functionaries loose highly enviable posts at the national and international levels.

This platform is created to make French classes available to you anywhere at any time so as to enable you “possess your possession” in any Organization.

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