Online French Classes

Online French Courses
This is a program carefully designed with text video and audio to enable learners to master both the meaning and right pronunciation of the French words.
It is a 33 week-program broken into 3 modules of 11 weeks each without restriction on the combination courses/classes. A learner can, therefore register for 2 or 3 modules at a time.
Below are the different registration options:

Module 1: Basic French Classes (11 weeks)
Module 2: Intermediate Classes (11 weeks)
Module 3: Advanced Classes (11 weeks)
Combo 1: Basic-Intermediate Course (22 weeks)
Combo 2: Intermediate-Advanced Course (22 weeks)
Combo 3: Full Programme (33 weeks)

At the end of each module, single or combine, a certificate will be issued to learners who have successfully completed their course and satisfied all the requirements governing the award of certificate.

The certificate will enable its holder maintain a competitive advantage during career search and give those in established careers the change to progress either through gaining promotions or international travel and experience, because people with language skills are always needed for a range of functions from administrative to management.

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